About 4TY Planning.

Planning is a creative process, it’s about knowing our clients, their site and their proposal. It’s developing an understanding of a site’s and a development’s context, its impacts and the opportunities to be exploited and telling the story of a development in the right way, with the right justification to deliver optimal outcomes.

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Our project examples below show our experience advising clients across a wide range of sectors, including housing developments, care and nursing home proposals, business and industrial uses, education and sport and leisure developments.

Some of our Projects.

4TY Foundation.

Why 4TY Foundation? Well, simply because there are so many local charities and sports clubs around our home in Windsor and across the country which provide essential services, facilities, support and social benefit for local communities. We understand the important work these organisations do and fundamentally believe in the importance of assisting them in optimising the services they provide.

One of our top priorities is to ensure that the work we do and the skills and knowledge we have delivers tangible benefits to local communities and charities. Across the course of our first year we focused on donating time to a number of charities and causes, giving professional advice and support where it’s needed.

Our work included advising on planning strategies and the preparation and submission of planning applications for charities and sports clubs. Over the course of 2023, we donated 51 hours of free professional advice to our partners while also supporting school careers conventions.

We are delighted also to have forged a relationship with Alma Beacon, a Windsor-based charity which includes Street Angels, Windsor Homeless Project and Foodshare Windsor. Our donations to that and other charitable causes across 2023 exceeded £2,000 and we look forward to adding to this across the coming years.

We genuinely would love local charities and sports clubs to reach out to us over the course of 2024 so we can discuss ways in which our work can support what it is you do.

What we’ve donated so far...


hours of professional advice


£ in charitable donations